Dear employers,

As we stride into 2022, we reflect on amazing projects RADD Training completed to help expand apprenticeship programs

  • We worked with IMEC to build a Career Pathway website to help their members better recruit, train, and up-skill their workers, in part through apprenticeships. 
  • We also partnered with Elgin Community College to inform their employer partners about the benefits of apprenticeships, share success stories, and add more apprenticeship programs to their fleet. 
  • Additionally, we strengthened our relationship with TMA by designing and executing a virtual and in-person Train the Mentor course. 
  • And so much more.  

In 2022, we want to do more with apprenticeships, and our plans are big.

We won’t unveil the details yet, but what we can tell you is this: We hear you. We see you. And we are here to help. 

Now Hiring SignA local coffee shop expressed the nationwide, industry-wide problem best on their entrance door sign, which read, “It seems everyone is hiring these days, even the North Pole! Please be patient with our staff as they do their best to serve you.” 

We have driven by your shops and seen the series of lawn signs advertising your open positions. We have passed the billboards broadcasting to the world that you’re “Now Hiring!” — with up to $5,000 in hiring bonuses. We’ve seen the chalkboards informing customers to apply inside and get interviewed today. 

Everyone is desperate for workers. We know they are out there, but where? How can we attract their attention? How can we express that our positions are more than just a job?

We believe the answer is apprenticeships.

No matter the industry, a Registered Apprenticeship Program offers your workers a promise, a handshake that when you hire them, it’s an investment in their future career. Not only do you want to see them learn and advance, but you have a plan to make that happen, including one-on-one training and support from a mentor and regular wage increases so long as they hold up their end of the contract. 

“Apprenticeship” is the keyword missing from your flyers, Facebook job posts, and billboards. It’s a powerful word that promotes your commitment to support your workers as they:

  • learn and achieve certifications, or even a degree
  • earn a competitive wage 
  • eventually, perhaps even move into a leadership position over time. 

The benefits for your organization are many:

  • Grant opportunities to help cover an apprentice’s wages and tuition
  • Tax breaks
  • A customizable training plan that includes on-the-job and classroom learning expectations specific to your position
  • Return on investment
  • Retention
  • Improved organizational morale

HandshakeAdding the word “apprenticeship” to your job posts is easier than it may sound. Contact RADD Training, and we can have your program up and running in 2-3 months. Further, we won’t just go away. We will be there to ensure your program is working and that both your organization and your apprentices are satisfied. 

Apprenticeships might be new territory for you, but it’s not for us. Let us be your navigators!

And stay tuned for more exciting news from RADD about those BIG plans we were talking to you about . . .