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Filling the Skills Gap


We hear you…

We know it’s hard to recruit for your open positions. We understand that you can’t find skilled applicants. We know your veteran workforce is retiring. We see that turnover is at an all-time high!! We can help….


Our RADD team will collaborate with your team to create customized workforce development solutions that support your organization’s goals.

RADD Training Offers Full-Service Training Solutions

  • Competency model mapping
  • Training plan development
    career pathway design
  • Registered Apprenticeship Program Design and Development


The team at RADD Training will help work through your pain points in attracting candidates, recruitment, development, and retention. We know you need to train your workforce. Let us help you build a model that works.


Once you connect with us, we help design your training model and implement your plan. We can coach apprentices and trainers, analyze results, report compliance requirements and track your progress. We can act as your training manager onsite and offsite. Our progressive nature accommodates your coaching and training needs.


The team at RADD knows it takes a village and we are experts at building the partnerships and connections with those in your community, county workforce centers, department of labor and commerce offices. These are the folks that can help offset the costs of workforce development and encourage you to keep on trucking! Grants, tax credits, and other incentives can support these training investments.

Registered Apprenticeships Are the Answer To:

Filling Difficult Positions

Finding Skilled Applicants

Planning for a Retiring Workforce

High Turnover


“As we surveyed the ever-dwindling pool of experienced machinists, it became clear that grooming talent in-house was our only option for success in the future. However, the thought of developing an apprenticeship program with which to cultivate such a work force was daunting to say the least. After meeting with Rebecca Daurio from RADD Training, some of that anxiety began to subside. RADD was able to break the apprenticeship development process down into manageable pieces and efficiently guide us from idea to execution. Without the support of RADD, we would still be stuck at ground zero not knowing where to start. Our DOL-approved apprenticeship program will be an invaluable tool as we move our company forward and it would not have been possible without RADD’s help.”
Kyra Tillman

President, BTM Industries, Woodstock, IL

“Rebecca and her team are my go to people when my manufacturing clients need apprenticeship assistance! They make the process so easy and work hand in hand with clients to ensure a successful outcome!”
Micki Vandeloo

President, GPC, lakeview Consulting

“RADD Training developed a Train the Mentor class customized to TMA’s storied-apprentice program. This is TMA’s first time offering such training. RADD Training truly understands apprentice training and is like no other consultant we have worked with on this front. This class is a great addition to our apprentice program and support to our members.  RADD had a quick turn around implementing this class and were more than easy to work with.  They really met our needs and exceeded expectations. The instructor they provide has had nothing but outstanding reviews!”
Leigh McConnell

Director , Training Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA)

“IMEC worked with the RADD team to develop the IMEC Career Pathways website which includes access to tools and training options for serving our manufacturing clients. As a result, we are sponsor to 12 registered apprenticeships and can help our clients overcome some key workforce challenges. Rebecca and the RADD team provided important guidance and were great to work with.
Mary Hallock

VP of Operations, IMEC

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