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Apprenticeship Ambassador!

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We are pleased to announce that RADD Training has been selected to serve as an Apprenticeship Ambassador to help the Department of Labor promote and support Registered Apprenticeship opportunities nationwide!

Registered Apprenticeships have many benefits like attracting top talent for your open positions, increasing your employee retainment, developing a highly-skilled workforce, and more. These benefits can revolutionize any organization.

Copy of RADD's Certificate from the Department of Labor.  Apprenticeship Ambassador Certificate of Recognition.

Through this Apprenticeship Ambassador initiative, RADD Training and more than 300 organizations committed to advancing apprenticeship opportunities.

Why RADD Training, LLC?

Rebecca Daurio

Rebecca Daurio

Founder and Owner, Rebecca Daurio, MSTD, PHR, started RADD Training out of necessity as she encountered businesses with a lack of understanding, process, and payroll to put toward the tedious task of developing a training program with a caliber such as this.  Rebecca and her team of consultants have streamlined the process, made the execution methodical and tangible, and created a smooth pathway to registration so all companies can strategically plan for and build the next generation of their workforce.

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